This Day in History March 6… 歷史上的今天 3月6日

The Battle of the Alamo has inspired many plays and movies. It took place in Texas in 1836. At that time, Texas was part of Mexico. However, the people who lived there didn't want to be controlled by Mexico anymore. After 12 days of fighting, more and more Mexican soldiers arrived at the Alamo. The first two times the Alamo was attacked on March 6, Mexican troops were driven off by less than 200 Texan soldiers. But on the third attack, the Texans could not keep the Mexicans out. Even though they lost, the Battle of the Alamo inspired other people to fight for Texas' freedom. As a result, Texas became free.

許多戲劇和電影的創作靈感都源自於阿拉莫戰役。這個戰 役於1836年發生於德州。當時的德州還是墨西哥的一部分。然而,當地居民卻再也不願意受到墨西哥統治。在歷經12天的戰鬥後,越來越多的墨西哥士兵抵達 了阿拉莫。在3月6日阿拉莫所受到的頭兩波攻勢中,不到200名的德州士兵擊退墨西哥部隊。不過在第三波攻擊時,德州士兵卻無法將墨西哥士兵抵擋在外。雖 然他們被擊敗了,阿拉莫之役卻鼓舞了其他人為德州的自由挺身戰鬥。德州也因此得到解放。


例:This love song was inspired by a famous poem.(這首情歌的靈感是源於一首名詩。)
●take place
例:After the accident took place, the police blocked off the road.(那起意外發生後,警方就封鎖了這條道路。)
例:Andy tried to control his temper by taking a deep breath.(安迪深吸一口氣,試圖控制脾氣。)
vt. & n.攻擊
例:Jenny was attacked by a huge dog in the park this morning.(珍妮今早在公園被大狗攻擊。)
●be driven off
例:Mr. Brown keeps three watch dogs to drive off potential thieves.(布朗先生養了3隻看門狗趕跑可能上門的小偷。)


阿拉莫之役是歷史上非常著名的圍城之戰(siege),也是德州獨立戰爭的轉捩點(turning point)之一。當時德州的首府為聖安東尼奧市,而阿拉莫則為市內的一個教會(mission)。由於這個教會曾被改建成一座堡壘(fort),因此成 為當時德州部隊(troop)的重要據點。由於這將近200名駐軍的死守,使得墨西哥大軍無法順利推進,德州革命軍也獲得重新整備的喘息空間,進而贏得最 後的勝利。

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