Lithium-Ion Battery Life Could Reach 20 Years 壽命可達20年的鋰電池


Japanese research and development firm Eamex claims to have found a new way to increase the typical average life of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Eamex’s new technology will allow the demanding batteries to sustain over 10,000 recharges over the course of 20 year.

日本研發公司Eamex聲稱已發現能增加高容量鋰離子電池一 般平均壽命的新方法。Eamex的新科技將可讓這種高需求的電池持續工作20年,並重複充電1萬次以上。

This rather dramatic increase in performance is made possible by new techniques such as a stabilization process of the battery’s electrodes, which in-turn puts less stress on the battery’s tin.

一些新技術使得大幅提升電池效能得以實現,像是透過一種 穩定電池電極的過程,能讓電池的錫承受較小壓力。

This maintains the bonding of particles for a longer period of time and reduces the overall deterioration process. The result is a battery that lasts up to 10 times as long as most current batteries.

這可能讓粒子的結合維持較久時間,並減少總體的老化過程,其結果是,電池使用壽命是大多數 現有電池的10倍。

Lithium-ion batteries are broadly popular within various consumer electronics. They tend to hold their charge when not in use, and have a high energy-to-weight ratio. Current lithium-ion batteries can hold their charge for up to 1,000 charge cycles.

鋰離子電池普遍使用在各種消 費性電子產品上,它們在非使用狀態易於保持電量,且能量—重量比例高。目前的鋰電池可以充電達1000次仍保有電量。


in turn︰輪流地、反過來。例句︰Theory is based on practice and in turn serves practice.(理論以實踐為基礎,反過來又為實踐服務。)

deterioration: 名詞,變壞;退化;墮落。用法如:a deterioration in superpower relations(超級大國間的關係惡化)。

tend: 動詞,傾向;易於。例句:Old people tend to get fat.


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