This Day in History March 17… 歷史上的今天 3月17日

Today in 1949, the 19th International Motor Show was held in Geneva, Switzerland. However, this day is not special due to the show; it is special because of a car that was put on display. It was the first car to have the Porsche family name. The car was designed by Ferry Porsche, son of the founder of the Porsche company. It was built as a sports car and named the Porsche 356. The design elements of this very first Porsche can still be seen in all Porsche models that have been made since then.

1949年的今天, 瑞士日內瓦舉辦了第19屆的國際車展。不過這一天的特別之處並不是因為 這場車展,而是由於展覽當中出現了第一輛被冠上保時捷這個家族姓氏的車子。這輛車是保時捷公司創始人的兒子費瑞所設計。這輛車被打造成一款跑車,並被命名 為保時捷356(圖,網路照片)。這第一輛保時捷當中的許多設計元素在往後製造的所有保時捷車款中,仍然可以看得到。


◎motor n.汽車
◎due to + N/V-ing 由於/因為……
= because of + N/V-ing
例:The game was postponed due to the rain.(這場比賽因下雨而順延。)
◎display n.(物品的)展示,陳列
.put sth on display 展示某物
例:The museum put the artist's paintings on display.
◎family name 姓氏
◎design vt.設計 & n.設計
例:The architect designed the building to look like a ship.
◎founder n.創始人,創辦者
◎sports car 跑車
◎element n.元素,要素
例:Hydrogen and oxygen are the two elements of water.

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