Teen Needs Surgery on Both Wrists After Excessive Texting 傳簡訊過度 少女兩手腕需動手術


A schoolgirl is facing surgery on both wrists after sending more than 100 text messages a day from her mobile phone.


Annie Levitz, 16, who has lost the feeling in her hands and is unable to pick up some objects, has to wear braces on both wrists and also needs pain-killing injections.

16歲的安妮.雷維茲,兩手腕必須戴護套,也需施打止痛劑,她的手已喪失感覺,而且也 沒辦法拿起某些東西。

Doctors say she is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, whereby nerves in the wrist become trapped. The condition is usually associated with frequent computer keyboard use.

醫生說她承受腕隧道 症候群之苦,手腕裡的神經遭到壓迫。這樣的狀況通常與頻繁使用電腦鍵盤有關。

Annie, from Chicago in the U.S., insisted she has cut down on her texting habit-but only to 50 a day. She says she now hopes to trade her mobile in for an iPhone-as its touchscreen should make it easier to type out texts.

來自美國芝加哥的安妮堅稱她 已減少發簡訊的習慣—但只減到每天50通。她說她現在希望把手機折價貼換一隻iPhone—因為它的觸控螢幕應該會比較容易打簡訊。

Doctors diagnosed Annie and fitted braces on her wrists. She has also had cortisone injections to deal with the pain. But Annie will still have to go under the knife in a bid to relieve her discomfort.

醫師診斷安妮,並在她 的手腕套上護具,她也注射可體松以處理疼痛。但安妮仍然必須接受手術以紓解她的不舒服。

新 聞辭典

cut down on︰片語,減少、縮減。例句︰He should cut down on smoking and drinking.(他應該少抽菸少喝酒。)

trade in︰片語,折價貼換。例句︰He traded an old bicycle in for a new one.(他把一台舊腳踏車折價貼換新車。)

go under the knife︰片語,接受手術。例句︰She has made up her mind to go under the knife in order to improve her appearance.(為了改善容貌,她已打定主意接受手術。)

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