This Day in History March 29歷史上的今天 3月29日…

Over the past few years, smoking has been banned from many places. These bans help protect people from the side effects of breathing in cigarette smoke. The first country to ban smoking in all workplaces was Ireland, which happened today in 2004. The ban was made to protect workers from second-hand smoke. Since there're a large number of smokers in Ireland, many people did not like this new ban and refused to follow it at first. However, Ireland's government encouraged people to become healthier. Now, bans on smoking in the workplace are common in many countries around the world. This is one giant step towards creating a healthier planet.

過去幾年來,很多地方都已經開始禁菸。這些禁令幫助保護民眾免於遭受吸進菸味的副作用。2004年的今日,愛 爾蘭是第一個在工作場所禁菸的國家(圖,資料照片)。這項禁令的實施是為了讓工作民眾免於吸入二手菸。由於愛爾蘭有大量的吸菸人口,因此起初許多人對這項 新禁令頗有微詞,並拒絕遵守。然而,愛爾蘭政府鼓勵民眾要變得更健康。現在工作場合禁菸的禁令在全世界許多國家都相當普遍。這項禁令是讓大家 居住的地球邁向更健康的一大步。


禁菸主要是出於減低抽菸對民眾的健康威脅(health risk),為大眾的健康著想,而這項規定在世界各國已普遍實施,台灣也於2009年開始擴大執行公共場所的禁菸規定。繼不丹於2004年實施全國性禁 菸,北歐國家芬蘭也打算祭出嚴厲的政策抑制人民吸煙,包括試圖讓抽菸成為非法(illegal)行為。


◎ban vt.禁止 & n.禁令
.ban sb from + V-ing禁止某人做……
例:The owner banned customers from bringing food into his restaurant.(該老闆禁止顧客攜帶外食進入餐廳。)
◎protect sb from + N/V-ing 保護某人不受/免於……
例:Parents can't protect their children from everything all the time.
◎side effect n.副作用
◎breathe in/out... 吸入/吐出……
例:That man died because he breathed in too much smoke during the fire.
◎second-hand a.二手的;用過的
例:Our second-hand car broke down three times last week.
◎encourage sb to V 鼓勵某人從事……
.discourage sb from + V-ing勸某人不要(做)……
例:My parents encouraged me to study abroad.

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