Ohio State janitor's gunfire kills co-worker, self 俄亥俄州立大學工友槍殺同事,舉槍自盡


An Ohio State University janitor who was about to lose his job walked into a maintenance building for his early morning shift Tuesday and shot two supervisors, killing one of them and fatally shooting himself. No students were hurt.

俄亥俄州立大學的一名即將丟差的工友,週二清晨準備上早班時,走進一棟維修大樓槍殺了兩名主管,導 致其中一人死亡,槍手本人也自戕身亡。(事件中)並無學生受傷。

Nathaniel Brown, 51, arrived for work at the nation’s largest university dressed in dark clothing, a hooded sweat shirt and a backpack. He then opened fire in an office suite using two handguns, campus Police Chief Paul Denton said.

51 歲的納森尼爾.布朗抵達這所全美最大的大學上班時,穿著深色衣服、有兜帽的圓領厚棉運動衫並背著背包。他接著以兩把手槍朝一間辦公室開火,校警警長保羅. 丹頓說。

The shooting was reported at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police tactical units surrounded the building and found Brown with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a garage bay, Denton said. He was pronounced dead at a campus hospital several hours later.

(警方在)週二凌 晨3時30分接獲報案,警方霹靂小組包圍該建築,並在一處停車隔間發現被自己開槍打傷的布朗。丹頓說,布朗在數小時後於校園醫院被宣告死亡。

Classes went on as scheduled Tuesday. More than 55,000 students attend the main campus in Columbus. The maintenance building is next to a power plant and across the street from Ohio Stadium, home to the university’s football team.

週二的課程一如表定如期進行。位於哥倫布市的主校區有超過5萬5000名學生。維修大樓的隔壁是一座發電廠, 並與該校的美式足球隊的主場「俄亥俄體育場」隔街對望。


maintenance: 名詞,維修;保持。動詞,maintain。例句:Maintaining good relationships with your colleagues will also help to keep your job.(跟同事們搞好關係也有助於保住飯碗。)

sweatshirt: 名詞,一種長袖、無領、剪裁寬大的套頭厚棉運動衫,通常有毛襯裡,切忌根據字面意義將sweatshirt翻譯成「汗衫」。

inflict: 動詞,予以…;使遭受…。

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