Still a sticky issue:Singapore keeps gum ban 依舊是棘手議題:新加坡維持口香糖禁令


Singapore said it will maintain a ban on chewing gum sales, a policy that has helped shape the city-state’s international image as a tightly controlled, squeaky-clean island.


The ban, first imposed in 1992, is necessary to reduce gum-related litter and vandalism, Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, parliamentary secretary of the national development ministry, told lawmakers recently.

據新加坡國家發展部 政務次長孟理齊最近向國會議員們表示,維持這項於1992年首度實施的禁令有其必要,如此才能減少與口香糖相關的垃圾與故意破壞公物等問題。

Singapore has sought in recent years to cultivate a more cosmopolitan, more hip image in a bid to attract foreign investment and tourists. The nation of 5 million residents opened its first casino last month and began hosting Formula One races in 2008.

新加坡近年來努力打造一個更國際性、更時髦的形象,以利吸引外資 與觀光客。這個人口500萬的國家上月有第一家賭場開張,並從2008年起開始主辦一級方程式賽車比賽。

But the country maintains strict laws against public demonstrations and speech about religion and race. Punishment for minor crimes such as vandalism can include canings, and drug smugglers are often hanged.

但新加坡仍然對有關宗教 與種族議題的公開示威與演說維持嚴格禁令。至於如破壞公物等輕罪的懲罰可能包括鞭刑,走私毒品者則經常被吊死。

Denise Phua Lay Peng, a member of parliament from the ruling People’s Action Party, called on the government to allow citizens more freedom. "Let Singaporeans be accountable for the consequences, and not let our behavior be shaped by so many sticks," Phua said.

執政的人民行動黨國會議員潘麗萍 則呼籲政府給予人民更多自由。「讓新加坡人為自己的行為負責,不要讓我們的行為被這麼多懲罰所限制,」她說。


sticky:形容詞,非正式用語,原指黏手的,引申為棘手的、困難的、麻煩 的,如There were a few sticky moments during the meeting, but everything turned out all right in the end.(會議中曾出現幾次棘手時刻,但最後一切仍順利解決。)

squeaky- clean:形容詞,指純潔的、無瑕疵的,用來形容人時則指品格良善、誠實等,如Journalists have been trying to discover if the senator really is as squeaky-clean as he claims to be.(記者們一直試圖調查這位參議員是否真的如他自稱的那麼誠實可靠。)

stick:名詞,棍、棒,引申為懲罰或有敵意的言行,如He used both a carrot and a stick to keep allies in line.(他軟硬兼施,讓盟友們乖乖合作。)

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