Wayne Rooney world’s ugliest footballer:website魯尼獲網站票選為全球最醜足球員

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After a hugely disappointing World Cup, England striker Wayne Rooney is unlikely to be cheered by his latest accolade:ugliest footballer on the planet.
英格蘭隊射腳魯尼在世界盃表現令 人大失所望後,他獲得的最新讚美不太可能令他高興:地球上最醜的足球員。
The Manchester United goal machine, who flopped after being hyped as a potential superstar in South Africa, heads the list of unattractive players on dating website BeautifulPeople.com.
這名在南非世界盃被捧成表現可能有如超級巨星,卻以失敗收場的曼聯進球機器,在約會網站「俊男美 女」的最不吸引人的球員榜上拔得頭籌。
Most beautiful, according to online voters subscribing to the site, are Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro, Fernando Torres and David Villa of Spain, US mainstay Landon Donavan and France’s Thierry Henry.
根據登入該網站的線上投票者票選,最好看的球員是義大利隊的卡納瓦羅,西班牙隊的托雷斯和比亞,美國隊的唐納 文,以及法國隊的亨利。
Rooney has the company of England team mate John Terry in the top 10 ugliest, but it’s the Algerian team that comes out as collectively the least attractive on the planet, according to the poll.
魯 尼在10大最醜球員榜上,有英格蘭隊友泰瑞作伴,但阿爾及利亞隊整體來說卻是地球上長相最不吸引人的球員,根據這份調查。
BeautifulPeople.com claimed that 200,000 people had already voted in the polling.
俊男美 女網站表示,有20萬人在這場票選中投票。
accolade: 名詞,讚揚(在本文中為反諷法)。例句:The drama received huge accolades from art critics.(這部劇作大受藝評家讚賞。)
flop:動詞、名詞,失敗。例句:My first book was a complete flop, and only tens copies are sold.(我的第一本書徹底失敗,只賣出幾十本。)
hype: 動詞、名詞,為了廣告或宣傳而提出的誇大說詞。例句:What he’ve said is just a hype. Don’t take it seriously.(他剛說的都是噱頭,別太當真。)

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