Robber drops all but $1 of loot 搶匪弄丟幾乎所有贓款 僅保住1美元

An armed robber who held up a convenience store in Pittsburgh made a less-than-clean getaway - dropping all but $1 of the money he’d stolen as he fled.
一名搶劫匹茲堡某便 利商店的武裝搶匪,逃逸得實在不甚高明-在逃走時把自己偷來的錢全部弄丟,只剩1美元。
Pittsburgh police are hunting for the clumsy robber - who, to his credit, did manage to get away with seven packets of cigarettes in addition to the $1 he kept hold of.
Auhtorities say the man robbed the Uni-Mart in the Troy Hill area of Pittsburgh at around 11:30pm on Sunday night.
當局表示,這名男子週日夜間11時30分左右,搶劫了位在匹茲堡特洛丘 地區的Uni-Mart便利商店。
Wearing a ski mask and brandishing a handgun at the store’s clerk, the robber made the clerk hand over the packs of cigarettes and $66 in cash.
戴上滑雪面罩並對著商店店員揮舞手槍,這名搶匪逼店員交出香菸盒及66美元的現 金。
But as he fled, he dropped $65 of the cash.
但他在逃逸時,弄丟了65美 元的現金。
Nobody was hurt in the robbery. Police were examining surveillance video, but have not yet made any arrests.
這起搶案沒有人受傷。 警方正調閱監視錄影,但尚未進行任何逮捕行動。


hold up:片語,持械搶劫。例句:Several masked men held up a bank.(數名蒙面歹徒持槍搶劫了銀行。)
to one’s credit:片語,給某人帶來榮譽、值得讚揚。例句:Much to his credit, he won the first prize at the speech contest.(他在演講比賽中獲得一等獎,給他帶來很大榮譽。)
hand over:片語,交出、移交。例句:The thief was handed over to the police.(小偷被移交給警方。)

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