Farmers’ blockade could sink Munich Winter Olympics bid 農民的反對恐影響慕尼黑爭辦冬季奧運計畫

A clutch of Bavarian farmers may torpedo Germany’s bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, after a representative said they were unlikely to make their land available for the event.
Munich in southern Germany is one of three cities vying to host the games but the farmers’ opposition in the Alpine ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen 80 kilometres to the southwest could sink the application.
The chairman of the Pasture Association Garmisch, Josef Glatz, said that only two of about 80 property owners had signed contracts to make their land available if the region manages to lure the Olympics in eight years’ time.
Glatz accused state leaders and the local Olympic committee of having simply assumed that the property was theirs to use if the region wins the bid and to have ignored warnings to the contrary. "People are bitter," he said.
Munich hosted the Summer Olympics in 1972 and if it wins the current bid, it would be the first city to host both the summer and winter games.
But the application has run into scepticism among budget hawks and recently faced protests in the town of Oberammergau, where residents successfully blocked an attempt to reserve it for the cross-country skiing events.

sink:動詞,原指下沈、沈沒,亦可指搞垮、破壞某事,如This rain could sink our plans for the garden party.(這場雨可能讓我們舉辦花園派對的計畫泡湯。)
torpedo:名詞原指魚雷或水雷,文中作動詞用,為非正式用語,指毀滅、破壞,如He accused them of trying to torpedo the peace process.(他指控他們試圖破壞和平進程。)
run into sth:片語,指撞到、碰上(尤指遇到麻煩或問題),如We ran into bad weather/debt/trouble.(我們碰到了壞天氣/債務/麻煩。)

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