This Day in History July 12… 歷史上的今天7月12日

The Rolling Stones have had one of the longest careers of any band in music history. Hit songs like Brown Sugar and You Can't Always Get What You Want are still loved today. The Rolling Stones formed in London in 1962. Their first concert was at the Marquee Club on this date in 1962. At that time, they played Chicago blues and covered songs by Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. They were part of a very important time in music history, which also included other influential bands like The Beatles and The Who.

在音樂史上,滾石合 唱團是最歷久不衰的樂團之ㄧ。暢銷曲像是《Brown Sugar》和《You Can't Always Get What You Want》至今仍為人喜愛。滾石合唱團於1962年在倫敦成軍,1962年的今日在天幕俱樂部舉行他們的第一場演出。當時他們表演芝加哥藍調並翻唱查克. 貝瑞和包.德迪利的歌曲。在音樂史上,滾石合唱團是非常重要的一段音樂時期,當時也包含了其他影響甚遠的樂團,如披頭四和誰合唱團。


滾石合唱團為一組4人搖滾樂團(圖,資料照片),原始成員有口琴兼吉他手 布萊恩.瓊斯(Brian Jones)、鋼琴手伊恩.史都華(Ian Stewart)、主唱米克.傑格(Mick Jagger)和吉他手凱斯.里察斯(Keith Richards)。1964年他們發行了首張專輯《滾石》(The Rolling Stones),之後陸續發行的幾張專輯更是被搖滾樂迷奉為經典。好萊塢名導馬丁.史柯西斯(Martin Scorsese)更曾替他們拍攝音樂紀錄片《閃亮的日子》(Shine a Light)。2010年他們重新發行1972年暢銷專輯《Exile on Main St.》,並再度蟬聯英國專輯排行榜冠軍寶座。


例:Brian's political career was ruined because of the scandal.
n. 風行一時的事物
例:The show was once a hit in the 1980s, but it lost its popularity in the 1990s.
vi. 成形 & vt. 組織,成立
例:The company formed a special unit to promote the new product.
vt. 包括,包含
a. 有影響力的
例:Mr. Davis is a very influential teacher at our school. Everyone respects his opinions.

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