This Day in History July 27 歷史上的今天 7月27日

In 1996, the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia, with 197 countries participating in the international event. However, the happy celebrations were broken up by a terrible event. On this date in Centennial Olympic Park, a bomb exploded. The explosion killed Alice Hawthorne and wounded 111 other people. A cameraman also died as a result of a heart attack caused by the explosion. Even so, the Olympic Games continued, and those hurt or lost were not forgotten. Eventually, the bomber confessed after he was arrested for bombing a clinic a few years later.


participate in... 參加……
例: Jerry said he would participate in the play if he got the lead role.(傑瑞說如果他當主角的話,他就參與這齣劇的演出。)
explode vi. 爆炸
eventually adv. 最後,終於
例: If you work hard, you will eventually achieve your goals.(如果你努力,最後你就會達成目標。)
confess vi. 承認,坦承
例:Julia has confessed to taking money from my wallet.(茱莉亞坦承從我的皮夾拿走了錢。)
arrest vt. 逮捕
例:The serial killer was finally arrested after many years on the run.(那個連續殺人犯逃亡多年後終於被逮捕歸案。)


亞特蘭大在1990年擊敗雅典(Athens)、貝爾格勒(Belgrade)、曼徹斯特(Manchester)、墨爾本(Melbourne)和多倫多(Toronto),成為主辦城市。不過這場奧運會因大量倚賴贊助商(sponsor),所以被批評過度商業化(commercialized)。而特定為這場比賽而建的奧林匹克紀念公園(圖,資料照片),也因爆炸事件而蒙上一層陰影。當時的美國總統比爾.柯林頓指責這是個「邪惡的恐怖行動」(an evil act of terror)。

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