Test to predict menopause age a step nearer 預知更年期年齡的測試向前邁進一步

Doctors are a step closer to accurately predicting the age at which a woman will hit the menopause. A 12-year Iranian study of 266 women found it was possible to pinpoint the age of menopause by measuring levels of a hormone called AMH.
科學家朝著正確預知一名女性何時會到更年期的年齡向前邁進了一步。伊朗一份持續12年、針對266名女性的研究發現,有可能透過測 量AMH荷爾蒙值,來得知更年期的年齡。
If proven in further studies, it potentially means women could have more control over when to start a family.It could be particularly useful for identifying women who may have an early menopause, experts said.
如果在未來的研究中獲得證實,這可能意味女性將更能控制要在何時成家,專家說,這對於鑑 別可能較早進入更年期的女性特別有用處。
The idea of using the hormone to help predict fertility is not a new one.Tests are already available to look at "ovarian reserve", which indicates if menopause is imminent. But this is the first time researchers have worked out a formula for linking AMH levels in younger women with future age of menopause.
藉著荷爾蒙預測生殖能力的 想法並不新,目前已有可以研究「卵巢儲量」、了解更年期何時逼近的測試,但這是研究人員首度找出較年輕女性AMH多寡與更年期年齡關聯的方程式。
In the study 266 women aged between 20 and 49 were monitored through blood samples and physical examinations at three-yearly intervals over a 12-year period.
這項針對266名20到49歲女性的研究,在12年期間,每3年一次透過血液樣本與身體檢查,對她們進行觀 察。
The researchers, who presented the results at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Rome, then worked out a mathematical model for estimating the age at menopause from AMH levels in the blood.
研究人員在羅馬舉行的歐洲人類繁殖與胚胎學研討會上發表這份結果,他們接著從血液中 的AMH,得出估計更年期年齡的數學模型。
hit: 動詞,抵達。例句:If we turn left at the next junction, we should hit the main road after five miles or so.(如果我們在下一個路口左轉,我們會在五英里之後到主要幹道上。)
imminent: 形容詞,逼近的。例句:A strike is imminent.(罷工迫在眼前。)
interval:名詞,間隔。例句:We see each other at regular intervals - usually about once a month.(我們固定見面,通常一個月一次。)

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