Man ’forgot’ expired license for 30 years 男子忘記駕照逾期達30年

An Ontario man charged with driving without a license said he has not had a license in 30 years because he forgot to renew it.
Bruce Newton, 73, of Innisfil, said he did not have the money to pay for his license renewal in 1980, so he decided to wait and eventually just forgot, The (Toronto) Star reported Tuesday.
Newton, who continued to drive for 30 years, was found out by police May 22 when he was pulled over for a minor traffic offense.
"I meant to renew it, but at first I couldn’t afford it and after a while, I never really thought about it, I just kind of forgot," he said. "I was just old and stupid, I guess."
Newton, who was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with driving without a license, said he is working on obtaining a new license, but he will have to start over with a beginner’s permit.
He is due to appear in court in August.
pull over:片語,把(車子)駛向路邊。例句:Once the vehicle did pull over, the driver was taken into custody.(等到這輛車一停靠路邊,駕駛人便遭到收押。)
find out:片語,查出…罪行,揭發出。例句:If you pretend, you may be found out.(如果你作假,有可能會被揭露的。)
start over:片語,重新開始。例句:I am starting over, trying to rebuild my own self-esteem.(我正在重新開始,設法恢復我的自尊心。)

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