This Day in History July 2…歷史上的今天 7月2日…

Music was what was happening on this date in 2005. Concerts took place in South Africa, Italy, the UK, the US, France, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Germany. The event was called Live 8, and the money raised from the concerts all went to help stop poverty. The governments of almost all the countries involved also promised to donate more money to the cause every year. Over half of the money would go on to help the poor in African countries. The event's biggest achievement was getting the 10 concerts held in different countries all at the same time. It is amazing what people can do when they work together to help the world.

歷史上的今天 7月2日…

2005年的今天,音樂是這天的重頭戲。在南非、義大利、英國、美國、法國、俄國、加拿大、日本和德國都舉行 了演唱會。這個活動稱為Live 8,從這些演唱會所募得的款項全都捐出來幫助遏止貧困。幾乎每個參與這場盛會的國家政府也承諾每年爲這個理念捐出更多錢。超過一半的募款用來幫助非洲國家 的貧民。這項活動最大的成就在於讓10場演唱會於不同的國家同時舉行。當人們齊心出力幫助世界,成果是相當驚人的。


2005年Live 8 演唱會(圖,網路照片)的籌辦者巴布.傑朵夫(Bob Geldof)曾是Live Aid(四海一家)的創始者之一。Live Aid是1985年7月為非洲伊索比亞(Ethiopia)難民募款的慈善演唱活動,在英國倫敦及美國費城同步舉行。而在舉辦Live Aid的20年後,Live 8以「讓貧窮成為歷史」(Make Poverty History)為號召口號,在八大工業國(G8)以及南非同步開唱,喚醒大眾對貧窮的關注。


例:Members of the school band raised money for their trip to New York City.(學校樂團的隊員為他們的紐約之行籌款。)
n. 貧困,貧窮
be involved in...涉入……
例:The evidence showed that Gary was involved in the robbery.(證據顯示蓋瑞涉入這起搶案。)
vt. 捐獻,捐贈
例:The man that won the lottery decided to donate a million dollars to charity.(這名中樂透的男子決定捐100萬元給慈善機構。)
n. 成就;完成

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