It's a bee market as insects swarm Wall Street 蟲蟲大軍壓境 華爾街現蜂市


Forget bears and bulls. It’s bees that are making waves on Wall Street.
忘了熊與牛吧。現在在華 爾街興風作浪的是蜜蜂。
About 15,000 of them buzzed the posh Cipriani Wall Street restaurant this week, blanketing an elegant front door and forcing police to cordon off the block.
大約1萬5000隻蜜蜂本週在華爾街的時尚餐廳 Cipriani外嗡嗡作響,佈滿該店的一扇典雅的前門,迫使警方封鎖Cipriani所在的街區。
"We had 15,000 girls who wanted to get in and have a nice, fresh Bellini on a hot, sunny day," general manager Eric Bonnetain joked Tuesday.
「當時有1萬 5000名女郎想在這個艷陽高照的大熱天進入本店並來一杯清涼的Bellini,」該餐廳總經理艾瑞克.波恩坦週二打趣說。
At noon Monday, with the markets closed for Memorial Day and tourists filling Wall Street, Bonnetain was outside when he suddenly saw "thousands of bees flying around."
週一中午,當股市因美國陣亡戰士紀念日而休市一天、華爾街充斥遊客之際,人在店外的波恩坦突然看 到「成千上萬隻蜜蜂到處飛舞。」
Soon, the female worker bees landed at Cipriani.
沒 多久,雌工蜂便蜂擁於Cipriani。
"They could sting, but they were pretty quiet because they were following the queen bee, which was trying to get in," he said. The queen had disappeared into a crack of the closed portal.
「牠 們可能螫人,但牠們非常安靜,因為牠們是跟隨想進店內的女王蜂而來,」他說。女王蜂已鑽進關閉的餐廳大門門縫裡消失無蹤。
bear/bull market:bear market,熊市,指空頭市場,投資人看壞股市,預計股價下跌;bull market,牛市,指多頭市場,投資人看好股市,預計股價看漲。例句:Do you know there’s a charging bull bronze sculpture on Wall Street?(你知道華爾街上有一座蓄勢衝鋒的公牛銅像嗎?)
make waves:俚語,製造麻煩(通常用於負面情況),即興風作浪。例句:Don’t make waves. Keep a low profile.(別興風作浪。保持低調。)
cordon something off:片語,封鎖;以繩索、膠帶、絲帶等標示出一個禁止人員進入的區域。

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