Japan town bans public servants from growing beards 日本城鎮禁止公務員蓄鬍

Anyone sporting a bushy crop of facial hair need not apply for a municipal service job in the Japanese town of Isesaki -- its local government on Wednesday banned employees from growing beards.
任何以蓄留茂密臉部毛髮為樂者,就不必自找麻煩向日本城市伊勢崎應徵當公務 員了──當地政府週三禁止雇員蓄鬍。
"We have decided to ban our workers from growing a beard as we have received complaints saying they are unpleasant," Osamu Kigure, an official of the city in Gunma prefecture north of Tokyo, told AFP.
「我們已經決定禁止我們的工作人員蓄鬍,因為我們接獲許多認為鬍子讓人覺得不舒服的投訴,」這個位於群馬 縣的城市的官員木暮修告訴法新社。
It was announced as part of annual ’Cool Biz’ casual office dress rules, which allow male staff to work without jackets and ties in summer in order to cut down on air-conditioning and reduce global warming.
該禁令是年度「酷斃裝」辦公室衣著規定的一部分。「酷斃裝」允許男性工作人員在夏天上班時不 必穿西裝外套與打領帶,以便降低冷氣使用與減少全球暖化。
"Although people tend to accept beards these days, officials should look like the public servants they are. That’s our idea," the official said, adding that the prohibition covers all kinds of whiskers and facial stubble.
「儘管如今民眾傾向接受鬍鬚,但官員就應該有公僕的 樣子。這是我們的想法,」木暮說,他並補充該禁令涵蓋所有形式的鬚與髮髯。
ban something from:慣用語,禁止某人做某事或進入某地。例句:Everyone has been banned from smoking.(所有人都被禁止吸菸。)
bushy:形容詞,灌木茂密的;多毛的。bush,名詞,灌木叢。例句:That squirrel is so cute! Look at that bushy tail!(那隻松鼠好可愛啊!你瞧那毛吱吱的尾巴!)
cut down on:片語,減少。例句:Doctors advised him to cut down on the amount of fat and sodium in his diet.(醫生建議他減少飲食中的脂肪與鈉的攝取量。)

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