Big head may protect against dementia 頭大或許能對抗失智

Having a big head may help protect against the worst ravages of dementia, say researchers. They found that people with Alzheimer’s with the largest craniums had better memory and thinking skills than patients with smaller skulls.
The Munich University team believe a larger head means there are greater brain reserves to buffer against dementia-related brain cell death. Their findings, based on 270 patients, are published in the journal Neurology.
The patients were recruited through research registries or specialist memory clinics in the US, Canada, Germany and Greece. They were given memory and cognitive skill tests and a brain scan to gauge the extent of their disease. They also had their head size measured.
A larger head was linked to better performance in the tests, even when patients had the same amount of Alzheimer’s-related brain cell loss. Although brain size is largely determined by genetics, the researchers say lifestyle can have an impact. Poor nutrition or disease in early life can compromise growth, for example.
ravage:動詞/名詞,破壞,蹂躪。例句:The area has been ravaged by war.(這個地區飽受戰爭蹂躪。)
compromise:動詞,妥協,連累。例句:Don’t compromise your beliefs for the sake of being accepted.(不要為了被接受妥協你的信仰。)

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