This Day in History July 18

No one is perfect at all times. However, some people like Nadia Comăneci can boast of small moments of perfection. She was a Romanian gymnast during the 1976 Summer Olympics. Her special moment was when she became the first gymnast to be given a perfect score of 10. Comăneci ended up with seven perfect scores and three gold medals, and she helped make gymnastics one of the most watched Olympic events. In 2000, Comăneci was named one of the Laureus World Sports Academy's athletes of the century.

歷史上的今天 7月18日…

沒有人能始終保持完美。然而有些人,像是娜蒂亞.科曼妮絲(圖,資料照片),卻能夠自豪擁有短暫的完美時刻。 她是1976年夏季奧運的羅馬尼亞籍體操選手。她的特殊時 刻就是當她成為史上第一位取得滿分10分的體操選手的時候。科曼妮絲最後共獲得7個滿分,並贏得3面金牌,也使得體操項目成為奧運比賽中最多人觀看的賽事 之ㄧ。在2000年,科曼妮絲更榮獲桂冠世界運動學院的世紀最佳運動員之一。


◎perfect a. 完美的
例:Flea markets are perfect for browsing and shopping without spending a lot.(跳蚤市場是不必花大錢就能到處逛和血拼的絕佳地點。)
◎at all times 始終,一直;隨時
例:When driving, you should keep your eyes on the road at all times.
◎boast vi.(人)誇耀& vt.(地方)以擁有……自豪
例:Hank boasts of having finished college in only three years.
◎gymnast n. 體操選手
◎medal n. 獎牌,獎章

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