Nuns set up massage service 修女推出馬殺雞服務

A group of nuns have set up a massage service as a new way of making ends meet after their chicken breeding business fell flat.
一群修女在她們的養雞事業徹底失敗後,成立了按摩服務,作為一種新的收支平衡之 道。
The sisters at Marienkron Abbey in Monchhof, Austria, are reportedly making a fortune after converting their convent into a health spa.
The five star spa offers therapies with high pressure jets of mineral water, massage, and fitness classes with an expert chi kung Chinese breathing exercises.
Guests are pummeled with high pressure hoses of chilled mineral waters to stimulate the skin.
The Sisters of the Cistercian Order say the ice cold water treatments are good for the body and the soul and charge £100 a night for a break in the spa.
這 群隸屬「嚴規熙篤隱修會」的修女們表示,這種冰涼水療法對身體及心靈都有益處,在這家SPA待一夜,收費100英鎊。
make ends meet:片語,維持家計、收支平衡。make ends meet逐字翻譯是「讓兩端相觸」,「兩端」其實是指「收入」和「開支」,而這裡的“meet”其實就是指「讓它們平衡」。例句: Making ends meet for her family wore the single mother down.(那位單身母親辛苦維持家計,導致健康衰退。)
fall flat:片語,(直挺挺地)臉朝下倒下;(徹底)失敗。例句:The project which he has worked for a whole year eventually fell flat.(他努力了一整年的計畫最終還是徹底失敗了。)
make a fortune:片語,發大財;致富。例句: Capitalists use laborers’ surplus value to make a fortune.(資本家利用勞工的剩餘價值致富。)

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