Israeli Diplomats Protests Wages with Jeans and Sandals 以色列外交官用牛仔褲、拖鞋抗議薪水


Israeli diplomats have started wearing jeans and sandals to work as part of their effort to demand wages on par with their defense and intelligence peers, and caused a series of diplomatic faux pas, a foreign ministry official said on Jun. 29.

以色列外交官已開始穿著牛仔褲、拖鞋去上班,做為他們要求薪水與國防部、情報同僚平起平坐的行動一部分,此舉已導致一連串外交失禮, 一名外交部官員6月29日說。

The labour dispute has compounded Israel’s diplomatic woes at a time when it is struggling to contain the backlash from a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid fleet last month.

在以色列正努力控制 因上個月對一支開往加薩的援助船隊發動致命突擊而遭遇的反彈之際,這場勞資爭議加深了該國外交困境。

"For several days now foreign ministry employees have come to work in jeans and sandals, without wearing ties, to protest their treatment," the official said on condition of anonymity.

「現在,外交部職員已經以穿牛仔褲、拖鞋、不打領帶上班抗議他們的待遇好幾天了。」一名官 員匿名表示。

"They are following orders from the employees’ committee, which has accused the treasury of dragging its feet in six months of salary negotiations."


The dispute has also seen employees shirk routine duties, with deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon had to welcome visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov without a customary ceremony because no one bothered to organise one.

這場爭議也出現職員逃避例行職責,外交部次長阿亞隆得在未依慣例舉行歡迎儀式的情況 下,迎接到訪的俄羅斯外交部長拉福洛夫,因為沒人要花精力籌備。


faux pas:名詞,失禮、失態(法文)。例句:The Congressman’s behavior during the luncheon is a serious faux pas. (這名國會議員在午宴中的舉止嚴重失禮。)

drag one’s feet: 動詞片語,刻意拖延。例句:The boy was punished for dragging his feet in writing his homework.(這個男孩因為寫功課拖拖拉拉而被處罰。)

shirk:動詞,規避、推卸(責任或職責)。例句:He totally shirked his responsibility and avoided contacting us.(他把責任推得一乾二淨,還避不見面。)

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