This Day in History July 10…

Many people feel it is their responsibility to speak up when others wont. Greenpeace is an organization that protests seal hunting, nuclear weapons testing, and whaling. To do this, they use large ships. One of them was the Rainbow Warrior. The ship, its crew, and Greenpeace members were in the port of Auckland, New Zealand protesting a nuclear test on Moruroa Atoll. On this date in 1985, while the ship was docked, a team of French secret agents bombed and sank the Rainbow Warrior, killing one person. For many years, the truth about that night was hidden. Eventually, the French government admitted to its wrongdoings.

歷史上的今天 7月10日…

許多人認為當別人不敢出面時,他們有這個責任站出來發聲。綠色和平是一個反對獵捕海豹、核武測試及捕鯨的組 織。為了從事這些活動,他們會利用大型船隻,其中一艘就是「彩虹勇士號」。這艘船、船上的全體船員及綠色和平人員當時正在紐西蘭奧克蘭的港口處抗議在穆魯 羅瓦珊瑚島上所進行的核試。1985年的今天,當該船停靠港口時,一組法國的特勤人員竟將「彩虹勇士號」炸沉,導致一人死亡。多年來,當晚事情的真相一直 被隱瞞起來,最後法國政府才承認他們所做的惡行。


綠色和平是一個國際性的非政府組織(non-governmental organization),於1971年在加拿大的溫哥華(Vancouver)成立,總部(headquarters)位於荷蘭的阿姆斯特丹 (Amsterdam),現今於全球41個國家設有辦事處。綠色和平組織主要從事環保工作(圖為綠色和平阻止日本捕鯨船遭驅離,資料照片),使用的方式分 別為直接行動(direct action)、遊說(lobbying)和研究。


◎speak up
例:The association speaks up for victims of domestic violence.(該協會專為遭受家暴的受害者發聲。)
n.環狀珊瑚島, 環礁
vt. & vi.
例:After docking, the crew unloaded the ships cargo.(船進港後,船員卸下上頭的貨物。)
a. 隱藏的,隱密的
◎admit (to) + N/V-ing
例:John admitted to cheating on the exam.(約翰承認自己考試作弊。)

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