Driving while blind? Maybe, with new high-tech car 盲人開車?用新高科技車人開車?用新高科技車,也許可以 盲人開車?用新高科技車,也許可以

Getting behind the wheel has long been considered impossible for the blind. That could soon change. The National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech plan to demonstrate a prototype vehicle next year equipped with technology that helps a blind person drive a car independently.
失明的人長期以來被視為沒辦法開車,那 種情況可能很快就要改變了,國立盲人聯盟與維吉尼亞理工,計畫在明年展示一種原型車,其所配備的科技可以協助失明者獨立開車。
The technology, called "nonvisual interfaces," uses sensors to let a blind driver maneuver a car based on information transmitted to him about his surroundings:whether another car or object is nearby, in front of him or in a neighboring lane.
這種科技稱為「非視覺介面」,使用感應器,讓眼盲駕駛人根據傳送給他的周邊環境資訊來操作 車輛:不管是另一輛車或是物體接近、在他面前、或是在旁邊車道。
Advocates for the blind consider it a "moon shot," a goal similar to President John F. Kennedy’s pledge to land a man on the moon. For many blind people, driving a car long has been considered impossible. But researchers hope the project could revolutionize mobility and challenge long-held assumptions about limitations.
為盲人權益奔走的人,認為這就像甘迺迪總統誓言要讓人類登月的計畫。對盲人來說,開車一直被認為是不可能的,不過 研究人員希望,這項計畫可以為移動帶來革命,挑戰長期以來對極限的看法。
surroundings: 名詞,環境。例句:They live in very comfortable surroundings.(他們居住的環境非常舒服。)
equip: 動詞,裝備。例句:All the police officers were equipped with shields to defend themselves against the rioters.(所有警員都拿到盾牌,幫他們對付暴徒。)
revolutionize: 動詞,徹底改革。例句:Newton’s discoveries revolutionized physics.(牛頓的發現為物理學帶來革命。)

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