Chinese, Indian emissions nullified world cuts:report 報告︰中印碳排放抵銷了全球的減排

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Chinese, Indian emissions nullified world cuts:report
A strong rise in carbon dioxide(CO2)emissions from China and India nullified a decline achieved by industrialised countries last year, a Dutch environmental agency said.
"Global emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, have remained constant in 2009," the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said in a report.
"Strong increases in CO2 emissions from fast-growing developing countries such as China and India have completely nullified CO2 emission reductions in the industrialised world," said the policy advice body.
「諸如中、印等快速成 長的開發中國家,其二氧化碳排放量的激增完全抵銷工業化世界二氧化碳排放的縮減。」這個政策建議單位指出。
The International Energy Agency had forecast a global emission drop of 2.6 percent for 2009, it added, but instead emissions remained constant for the first time since 1992.
該單位補充說,國際能源總署曾預測2009年全球排放量將下降2.6%,結果反而出 現自1992年以來,排放量首次維持不變。
While emissions from fossil-fuel combustion dropped seven percent in industrial countries, partly due to the effects of the economic crisis, it grew nine and six percent in China and India, said the agency.
在工業國家化石燃料燃燒所產生的碳排放降低7%之際(該成效部分源於經濟危機),中印則成 長9%與6%,該單位表示。
The average CO2 emission of fast-growing developing countries in 2009(1.4 tonnes per person in India and six tonnes per person in China)were still below those of industrial countries(ten tonnes per person in the Netherlands and 17 tonnes in the United States).
快速成長的開發中國家2009年的二氧化碳平均排放量(印度每人1.4公噸,而中國每人6公噸),仍低於工業國家(荷蘭每 人10公噸,美國則為17公噸)。
nullify︰ 動詞,使無效、抵銷。例句︰A rise in prices nullifies a rise in wages.(物價上漲抵銷了薪資的增加。)
constant︰ 形容詞,恆久的、忠誠的、堅定不移的。例句︰She alone remained constant.(只有她一人忠貞不渝。)
combustion ︰名詞,燃燒,也有極度憤怒、騷動之意。例句︰Combustion within the populace gradually built up to the point of revolution.(群眾的怒火逐漸上升到革命的地步。)

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