This Day in History July 25 歷史上的今天7月25日

Having children is a dream for many people. For some couples, having a baby naturally just doesn't work. On this date in 1978, the first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in the UK. Louise's parents decided to try a new way to have babies. It involved taking eggs out of Louise's mother and sperm out of Louise's father. The egg was fertilized by the sperm and then reinserted into Louise's mother's uterus. Nine months later, Louise was born. This method is now frequently used to help couples have babies.


★test-tube a.試管的
★involve vt. 包含,需要
例:Running your own business usually involves working long hours.(自行開業通常需要長時間工作。)
★sperm n.精子
★fertilize vt.使受精;施肥於
例:The eggs found in grocery stores and supermarkets are not fertilized.(在雜貨店或超市裡可買到的蛋都是未受精蛋。)
★uterus n.子宮
★frequently adv.經常地,頻繁地
例:James frequently dozes off in class because he stays up late playing video games every night.(詹姆士因為每晚熬夜打電動,所以時常在課堂中打瞌睡。)

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