This Day in History July 14… 歷史上的今天 7月14日

The story of Billy the Kid is one of the most infamous in American history. He was a symbol of the Wild West at a time when outlaws were both loved and hated. By the time he was 18, Billy the Kid had killed several people. After killing a sheriff in 1878, Billy became the most wanted outlaw in the West. Three years later, Billy was captured but later escaped. On this date in 1881, Sheriff Pat Garret found out where Billy was hiding and hid in Billy's room while he was gone. Then, when Billy entered, Garret shot him to death. Although the man called Billy the Kid died, his story will live on in history.
關於比利小子的故事 是美國歷史中最惡名昭彰的一段。在亡命之徒讓人又愛又恨的那個年代,他可說是美國大西部時代的象徵。當他年滿18歲之際,比利小子身上早已背負了好幾條人 命。比利於1878年射殺了一位警長之後,就成了西部人人欲緝捕到案的非法之徒。3年後,比利遭到逮捕,但隨後脫逃成功。在1881年的今天,派特.賈雷 特警長發現了比利的藏身之處,並趁他出門時躲在他的房內。之後當比利進門時,賈雷特便持槍將他擊斃。這個叫比利小子的傢伙雖然命喪黃泉,但他的故事卻將在 歷史中繼續流傳。


●infamous a.聲名狼藉的,惡名昭彰的
例:The police officers were unable to stop the city's infamous crime lords.(警方無法制止該城市中那些惡名遠播的黑社會老大。)
●symbol n.象徵
例:The dove is a symbol of peace.(鴿子是和平的象徵。)
●outlaw n.歹徒,罪犯,亡命之徒
●wanted a.被通緝的,被警方追捕的
例:The man was wanted for stealing company funds.(那名男子因盜用公款而遭通緝。)
●capture vt.逮捕;捕獲
例:The police have finally captured the leader of the criminal organization.(警方終於逮捕了該犯罪集團的首腦。)


比利小子於1859年11月23日出生於紐約市,本名為亨利.麥卡蒂 (Henry McCarty,圖,網路照片),是美國西部的著名槍手(gunman)及傳奇人物。由於他的個子不高,所以大家都叫他「小子」,他也因此得到這個著名外 號。比利小子雖為非法之徒,但他叛逆的形象卻成為當時美國大西部時代的象徵。於1988年上映的美國電影《少壯屠龍陣》(Young Guns)就是在描述他的故事,而續集也邀請到搖滾巨星邦喬飛(Jon Bon Jovi)為其製作當時十分暢銷的電影主題曲《榮耀之光》(Blaze of Glory)。

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