Man sues over wrong-country deportation 男子因為被遣送至錯誤國家而提告

A Ugandan man deported to Ghana from Sweden in 1995 is suing the Swedish government for sending him to the country, where he said he was tortured.
一名在1995年從瑞典被遣送至 迦納的烏干達男子,正控告瑞典政府送他到這個國家,據他說,他在當地受到拷問。
Peter Ekweri, a Ugandan who traveled to Sweden from Sudan in 1993, said the Swedish Aliens Appeals Board, part of the now defunct Migration Board, determined he was from Ghana and deported him to the West African country with 10 other refugees, The Local reported Monday.
1993年從蘇丹來到瑞典旅遊的彼得.艾克維里表示,隸屬現已 停止運作的「移民局」旗下的「瑞典外國人訴願委員會」,裁決他是來自迦納,並把他和其餘10名難民一起遣送至這個西非國家,「地方報」週一報導說。
Ekweri told Sveriges Television’s "Rapport" news program he was imprisoned after arriving in Ghana.
"They locked me up and tortured me. The other prisoners harassed me continually," he said.
The lawsuit, filed in Migration Court, claims a police inspector guaranteed Ekweri he would be provided with transportation out of Ghana if he proved he was not from the country, but no one ever followed through on the promise.
這起向「移民法院」申告的官司,主張警方的一名督察向艾克維里保證,只要他證明自己不是來自迦納,就會替他安排離 開這個國家,但沒有人貫徹這項承諾。
defunct: 形容詞,不再使用的、失效的。例句:The company went defunct.(那家公司停業了。)
lock up:片語,鎖上、關起來。例句:She locked herself up in her room.(她把自己關在房裡。)
follow through:片語,進行到底、堅持完成。例句:He followed the plan through to the end.(他從頭到尾在貫徹這件計畫。)

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