This Day in History July 11… 歷史上的今天 7月11日

In the past, people did not know what was on the other side of the world. In fact, they didn't even know if there was another side to the world. That's because most people thought the Earth was flat. On this date in 1405, Zheng He of China set sail to explore the world. He traveled throughout southern Asia all the way to eastern Africa. Today, Zheng He is celebrated as a hero by the Chinese. Every July 11 is Navigation Day in Taiwan, which honors Zheng He and his first voyage.

過去,人類不知道世 界的另一端長什麼樣子。事實上,他們甚至不知道世界是否有另一端,因為當時大部分人都認為地球是平的。1405年的今天,中國的鄭和啟航去探索世界。他航遍整個南 亞,一路到達非洲東部。今天,鄭和被中國人視為英雄,而台灣將每年的7月11日訂為「航海節」,用 來紀念鄭和以及他的第一次航行(圖為仿古木造帆船「鄭和1號」,資料照片)。


flat a. 平的;(輪胎)洩了氣的
例: I couldn't change the flat tire because I didn't have a spare in the trunk.
(我沒辦法換漏氣的輪胎,因為車 廂裡沒有備胎可用。)
set sail v揚帆;啟航
例:The Queen Mary set sail for India last week.
explore vt. 探勘;探測
例: I love to explore the streets of a new city.
navigation n.航海,航行
voyage n.航海;航行
例:We had a pleasant voyage to Alaska.
(我 們航行到阿拉斯加的旅途很愉快。)

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