How a Bank Robber Became an Antihero in France銀行搶匪如何成為法國反派英雄


How a Bank Robber Became an Antihero in France


A suspected bank robber may not be most girls’ idea of Mr Right, but women are proposing marriage to a jailed French van driver accused of stealing million of euros.


Last month, Tony Musulin was a nobody, a single 39-year-old man who drove an armored bank security van in Lyon, France. Then on Nov. 5, when two co-workers briefly left him alone to run an errand, he drove off with 11.6 million euros in his van. He surrendered to police after 11 days on the run.


In his 11 days on the run, Musulin had become one of the country’s most popular antiheroes. More than a hundred Musulin Facebook fan groups have been created and he even receives marriage proposals.


"The context of the financial crisis has fostered sympathy toward this type of enterprise, " a supporter said. This seems to be the essence of Musulin’s support. Many people in France are still very angry about the economic crisis and hold a grudge against the banking system for being one of the causes of it. It’s not surprising that a bank heist would have such broad appeal — it’s almost as if Musulin was a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich (the banks) to give back to the poor (himself).



errand:名詞,(為他人做的)差事、跑腿。例句:John paid that boy 5 dollars to run an errand for him.(約翰給那男孩5元替他跑腿。)

enterprise:名詞,冒險、進取精神、勇氣。例句:You have to show some enterprise to be successful.(你要成功就得拿出一點進取心。)

(be)on the run:名詞片語,逃亡中。例句:She raised the kids on her own while he was on the run.(她在他逃亡時獨力扶養小孩。)

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