Women enjoy best sex as they approach 40 女人年近40 性生活最精采

Despite the fact their bodies may be in decline, women are more likely to have sexual fantasies and affairs as they approach 40, a study showed.
Experts said that as women approach the milestone they may sense that their "window of opportunity" to have children is closing and their fertility is declining.
Their instinctual reaction is an increased appetite for sex, the researchers said, an explanation which could explain the rise of the "cougar" – a woman who seeks out flings with younger partners.
The survey of nearly 900 women divided respondents into three groups: those at their most fertile (aged 19 to 26), those whose fertility was declining (aged 27 to 45) and those who were approaching or had reached the menopause.
Those in the middle group were significantly more sexually driven, engaging in sex and having sexual fantasies more often than their older and younger counterparts and being more likely to have flings.
Professor David Buss said: "Results indicate women with declining fertility have greater sexual motivations and increased sexual behaviours than do women with relatively high fertility."
decline:名詞/動詞,衰退。例句:Home cooking seems to be on the decline (in decline).(在家開伙的人似乎漸漸減少。)
cougar: 名詞,美洲獅,口語中指「喜歡年輕男孩的老女人」。這個新興名詞最早出現於2001年的一本兩性書籍:Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger men。美國經典電影「畢業生」(The Graduate)裡面羅賓森太太算是「美洲獅」先驅, 她主動狩獵,勾引同事的兒子上床 。
fling :名詞,指一時的放縱,短暫的風流, Internet fling 指「網路上的一段情」。

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