Colorado man delivers pizza and saves heart attack victim 科羅拉多州男子送披薩兼拯救心臟病發病患


A laid off paramedic who turned to delivering pizzas to make ends meet is credited with saving the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest just as a pizza was delivered to his door.
Christopher Wuebben, 22, was delivering a pizza late last week to the suburban Denver home of George Linn, when he heard the man’s wife screaming for help, according to Wuebben’s boss, John Keiley.
"Chris told the woman that he was trained in CPR and knew what to do," Keiley, owner of Johnny’s New York Pizza, said. "He got him on the floor and brought him back to life before the fire department showed up."
Keiley said Wuebben is a military veteran who recently moved to Colorado after he was laid off from his paramedic job in Illinois.
At least one local hospital and a fire department have called to offer Wuebben a job in his chosen field after hearing of his heroics.
lay off:片語,解僱,裁員。例句:The factory laid 500 people off from work this month.(這家工廠本月解僱500人。)
make (both) ends meet:片語,指賺的錢剛好夠基本開銷,即靠著一丁點錢勉強餬口度日之意。例句:He worked two jobs but could hardly make ends meet.(他做兩份工作但還是幾乎無法餬口。)
bring someone (or an animal) back to life:片語,讓某人或某生物起死回生。

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