Klingon opera made its interstellar debut 克林貢歌劇完成星際首演

DaHjaj ’oH Qaq jaj vaD bI’reS.
No, your screen is not broken -- that, for the uninitiated, is how one says "Today is a good day for opera" in Klingon.
The invented language, spoken first by the fictional aliens of the "Star Trek" universe and later embraced by humans worldwide, is now being put to use in an opera making its debut recently in the Dutch city of The Hague.
Opera is a cornerstone of the Klingon culture that is a major part of the "Star Trek" canon, which led to the creation of the show "U" (which means universe or universal).
歌劇是克林貢文化的基礎,而克林貢文化又是「星際爭霸戰」經典中的重要環節,因此才衍生出「U 」這部作品(意指宇宙或普遍的)。
The 90-minute show tells the story of Kahless the Unforgettable, said to be the first Klingon emperor. Audiences at the preview show were impressed. "It was really well interpreted, the music was really good, and the performance of the actors were fantastic," Dutch Klingon Erwin Slegers said.
The "real" Klingon people have also been invited to see the show, via a message sent through a radio telescope in April to their home star, Arcturus. As it will take the message 36 years to reach them, however, they are not expected to make the opera’s debut or performances later this month in Frankfurt.
debut: 名詞,指初次登台、首演、首次露面,如She made her professional stage debut in Swan Lake.或It’s her debut album.(這是她的首張專輯。)debut亦可用做及物與非及物動詞,如Her new series will debut next March on network television./The network will debut her new series next March.(她的新影集三月時會在電視聯播網上首度播出。)
the uninitiated:複數名詞,多用於幽默語調,指缺乏某種特定知識和經驗的、不識此道的,如This brochure is designed for the uninitiated.(這本小冊子是專門替外行人所設計。)
cornerstone:名詞,指基石、地基或基礎,如In most countries, the family unit is still the cornerstone of society.(在多數國家中,家庭單位仍然是社會的基礎。)

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