Mumbai’s taxi drivers browned off over livery change 孟買計程車司機不滿被迫改變車身顏色

Drivers of Mumbai’s black and yellow taxis, a distinctive feature of city life for nearly a century, are up in arms after the state government unveiled plans to change their colour to beige and brown.
Maharashtra state transport minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said all new taxis coming into service in India’s financial and entertainment capital would be painted beige with a nut-brown trim.
But the largest union representing drivers hit out at the proposal, saying they had not been consulted.
"There’ll be two types of taxis in Mumbai:black and yellow ones and new vehicles in the new colour. People will get confused," said the general secretary of the Mumbai Taximen’s Union, A.L. Quadros.
"The minister has taken this decision without consulting the union. Changing the colour of taxis is not a burning issue. He should be concentrating on other things."
Quadros, whose union represents 40,000 of the 55,000 taxi drivers plying Mumbai’s streets, said the tinkering made no sense, as the vehicles were as synonymous with the city as black cabs in London or yellow taxis in New York.
Motorised taxis arrived in the then city of Bombay in the early 20th century and have become an icon represented in everything from Bollywood movies to commemorative tea towels and t-shirts.
brown off/brown someone off:俚語,指生氣,如 I am really browned off at you!/You really brown me off! (你真的讓我很火大!)
tinker:動詞,指拙劣地修補,亦常指徒勞無功地瞎忙,如I wish the government would stop tinkering with the health service.(真希望政府不要再隨便亂修改健保制度。)
synonymous:形容詞,指意義相同或類似的,或指意涵非常接近的,如His name was synonymous with greed.(他的名字就等於貪婪。)

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