This Day in History September 14… 歷史上的今天9月14日

Oil is something used nearly everywhere every day. It is a topic that keeps people arguing, but it also brings them together. On this date in 1960, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was founded. Twelve countries from South America, the Middle East, and Africa make up OPEC. The organization's headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, where regular meetings are held. Some of the goals of OPEC are to stabilize oil market prices and safeguard exporters. However, since its start, many countries have had mixed feelings about OPEC and its goals.
幾乎每天各地都會用 到石油。石油是個時而讓人爭吵又時而讓人攜手合作的話題。「石油輸出國家組織」於1960年的今天成立,是由12個來自南美洲、中東和非洲的國家所組成。 該組織的總部設於奧地利的維也納,例行會議都於該處召開。「石油輸出國家組織」的其中幾個目標是穩定油市價格及保護石油輸出國。然而從一開始,就有許多國 家對該組織及其目標覺得十分矛盾。


「石油輸出國家組織」於1960年9月14 日在伊拉克首都巴格達(Baghdad)成立,其原本的總部設於瑞士日內瓦(Geneva),直至1965年9月才遷往奧地利首都維也納。石油是世界大戰 後全球最主要的能源,戰後初期世界石油的探勘、開採和銷售幾乎全部控制在西方的石油財團手中。這種壟斷(monopolization)控制使西方先進國 家獲得超額利潤,卻使得第三世界(the Third World)主要產油國的經濟利益受到損害,石油輸出國家組織於焉成立。


vi. 爭論;爭吵
例:Don't argue with your grandparents about anything.
n. 石油
n. 總部(單複數同形)
vt. & vi.(使)穩定
例:Some people protested that the government failed to stabilize housing prices.
vt. 防衛,保護
例:To safeguard our computer system, the technician installed anti-virus software.
◎have mixed feelings
例:I had mixed feelings about meeting my ex-girlfriend at that restaurant.

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