Lady Gaga, dressed like a dog’s dinner! But is offal MTV outfit real or fake? 女神卡卡,穿得像狗的晚餐!但這套MTV內臟裝是真是假?

It’s a dress that certainly took some guts to wear.
But the question on everybody’s lips after Lady Gaga’s appearance in a ’raw meat’ outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards was: real or fake?
The singer no doubt planned on causing maximum controversy by wearing the ensemble - including a meat hat and purse - to the Los Angeles event on the night of Sep. 12.
The dress, the work of Los Angeles-based Argentinian designer Franc Fernandez, came just days after Lady Gaga, 24, appeared on the cover of Japanese Vogue in a bikini also apparently made from meat, sparking outrage from animal rights activists.
As she walked on stage to collect her Video Of The Year award from Cher, Gaga admitted the meat dress was difficult to walk in.
Later she appeared on The Ellen Show still wearing her meaty gown.
When the host, stern vegan Ellen Degeneres, presented her with a gift of a lettuce bikini to replace it, and an excited Gaga held up the bikini and said, ’Is it organic?’
take (some) guts:片語,花(點)勇氣。gut的複數形guts除了「勇氣」,還有「內臟」之意,在本文中一語雙關地意指這件生肉裝既用上了點內臟,要穿上它也得要有點勇氣。
(something +be動詞)on everybody’s lips:片語,膾炙人口、為人津津樂道的。例句:The legend of the great baseball player is on everybody’s lips.(這名偉大棒球員的傳奇為人津津樂道。)
ensemble:名詞,整套互相搭配的服裝;或指整體、整體的演出。例句:She looks more attractive wearing this sexy ensemble. (她穿著這身性感服裝看起來更迷人。)

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