"Ordain women," London bus ads will urge Pope倫敦公車廣告將敦促教宗「晉鐸女性」

 ◎ 魏國金
Pope Benedict will be confronted by posters on London’s famous red buses during his trip to the British capital this month which will call for the ordination of women priests.
Protests are planned throughout his four-day trip to England and Scotland. One group of women, Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), will have its message plastered on the side of the buses. The group has paid 15,000 pounds for 15 buses to carry the message "Pope Benedict - Ordain Women Now!" for a month.
"We do not want to be disruptive, but I think the church has got to change or it will not survive," CWO spokeswoman Pat Brown said.
Set up in 1993, the CWO describes itself as loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, campaigning from within for inclusivity and the ordination of women.
The CWO has also launched a group "Catholic Voices for Reform" to coincide with the pope’s visit to counter "Catholic Voices," a group which has the backing of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.
They will go head-to-head on controversial matters such as child abuse, women’s ordination, married priests, homosexuality and the way the church is run.
ordain︰動詞,任命為牧師(神父)、(神、命運等)注定。例句︰His death was ordained by fate.(他的死是命裡注定的。)
coincide with︰片語,相符、一致。例句︰His vocation coincides with his avocation.(他的職業與他的愛好恰恰相符。)
go head-to-head ︰片語,肉搏戰、正面交鋒。例句︰The mayoral candidates go head-to-head at debate.(市長候選人在辯論會上唇槍舌劍。)

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