Girl kicks intruder where it hurts most 女童踢中入侵者的要害

A hapless burglar came off second-best after he was caught red-handed by a home-alone 12-year-old girl - who promptly kicked him in the groin.
Brave Georgia Bulis-Gray went to investigate after she heard a door slam in her parents’ kitchen and found herself confronting a hooded intruder.
The schoolgirl, who said she didn’t want the smirking man to think she was helpless, kicked him hard, forcing him to flee in agony from the house in Bosham, West Sussex.
Georgia then called the police and even had the presence of mind to do a quick sketch of the man she had just seen.
Georgia, a second year pupil at Chichester High School, West Sussex, said: "He just smiled at me and I thought, ’I do not want him thinking I am just a helpless little girl’."
come off second-best:片語,比賽中被擊敗、輸掉。例句:I am glad to hear of fighting, even though we come off second-best.(我很高興聽到要搏鬥,哪怕我們會敗給對手。)
red-handed:片語,原指雙手沾滿鮮血,比喻為正在作案的、當場。例句:The thief was caught red-handed with the loot.(那竊賊連同贓物當場被活逮。)
presence of mind:片語,鎮定、沉著。例句:He had the presence of mind to record the scene on video.(他冷靜地用攝影機錄下現場的影像。)

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