Hampshire police release ’lettuce’ e-fit of suspect 漢普郡警方公布嫌犯的「萵苣」辨識圖

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British police have admitted having technical issues after releasing an e-fit of a burglary suspect which looks like a man wearing a lettuce.
Officers released the image after a distraction burglary in which £60 was stolen from an elderly woman in Stockbridge, Hampshire. But the picture appeared to show the man with a lettuce on his head.
A spokesperson said that "while the hair on this image may not be of the best quality, it takes nothing from the overall clarity of the facial features". He added: "It would therefore be wrong to withhold the release of the e-fit just based on this technical issue."
The suspect had asked the woman for money for gardening work but stole £60 from her handbag. He is described as white, between 40 and 45, about 5ft 8ins, with a round clean shaven face, large round eyes and with wavy blonde or greying hair.
A Victim Support spokesperson said: "Victims or witnesses to a crime highly expect the criminal justice system to bring someone to justice. People put their trust in the system and the software and expect results, which would explain why people might be baffled by the picture."
e-fit︰electronic facial identification technique(電子臉部辨識技術) 的縮寫,指以電腦方式,依據目擊者提供的訊息,合成歹徒等臉部圖像的繪圖技術。
distraction burglary:等同artifice burglary,指訴諸詐騙手段的竊盜。例句︰The elderly are particularly vulnerable to distraction burglary. (對於詐騙竊案,年長者特別容易上當。)
put one’s trust in︰片語,信任。

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