This Day in History September 25

Only a few countries have the means to start their own space programs and actually get a human up into space. They are the US, Russia, and China. On this date in 2008, the third Chinese manned spacecraft was launched. The launch was part of Project 921, which was started in 1992 with the ultimate goal of creating a manned space station. The mission was a great success, and the astronauts gave the Chinese space program its first spacewalk.

史上的今天 9月25日



中國的國家航天局CNSA(China National Space Administration)成立於1993年,負責進行太空計劃(space program)。第一艘載人的太空梭神州五號(Shenzhou 5)於2003年10月15號發射,之後2005年和2008年又進行神州六號和七號(Shenzhou 6 and Shenzhou 7)的發射。其中神州六號是中國第一艘執行「多人多天」任務的太空梭。(圖為2008年神州七號航天員出艙揮手致意。)


˙by means of... 藉由……
例:Albert achieved his success by means of hard work.(艾伯特藉由努力獲致成功。)
˙space shuttle n.太空梭
vt.使升空;發射& n.發射
˙launch a rocket/missile發射火箭/飛彈
例:The space shuttle is scheduled to be launched at 3:00 PM tomorrow.(太空梭預計在明天下午3點發射。)
a. 最終的,最後的
例:An employer has the ultimate responsibility for his company's success or failure.(老闆必須為公司的成敗負最後的責任。)

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