Why two heads really are better than one 為什麼3個臭皮匠真的勝過1個諸葛亮

If you are the type who takes a certain pride in being stubborn, look away now.
Scientists have shown that we make better decisions when we listen to others rather than relying on our own judgement.
In a study that could help anyone from new couples to the leaders of the Coalition, researchers proved that pooling wisdom with a partner reliably produces better results. But there is a catch, it works only if both parties are of similar ability.
Researchers asked pairs of volunteers to pinpoint when a very faint image appeared on a screen. If they disagreed, they talked it through. The results showed joint decisions were indeed better than ones made by the stronger individual.
But a second test demonstrated the destructive effect an incompetent partner can have.
The pairs were given the same task but one of the participants was surreptitiously made incompetent by being shown a more hazy image.
In this case, the joint decisions were worse than the decision of the stronger of the pair – they would have been better off if the incompetent partner had been ignored, the report said.


two heads are better than one:諺語,3個臭皮匠,勝過1個諸葛亮。
take pride in:動詞片語,對某事/人感到自豪。例句:She took great pride in her own fashion sense.(她對她自己的時尚感感到自豪。)
catch:名詞,不易讓人發現、令人上當的陷阱或詭計,條件,值得掌握的對象。例句:The offer sounds like a good bargain, but there may be a catch. (這個出價聽起來很划算,但其中也許有詐。)

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