This Day in History September 19

George Washington is known as the father of the United States to its citizens. As the first president, he helped set up America's values and morals. Everything he said and did was very influential to a new country trying to prove it could stand on its own. Some of Washington's most famous words can be found in his farewell address, which was printed as a public letter on this date in 1796. The main message of the address was about the need for and importance of national unity. He also talked about the Constitution and how citizens of a republic should act. Although Washington was leading a young government at the time, he and his fellow Americans did not fold when difficulties arose but kept their goals high instead.

歷史上的今天 9月19日…

喬 治.華盛頓(圖,資料照片)被美國人民稱為國父。身為美國第一任總統的他協助建立該國的價值觀和道德觀。對這個想證明能自立自強的新國家來說,他說的每句 話、做的每件事都影響力十足。華盛頓最著名的一些言論出現在他的告別演說中,該演說於1796年的今天被印成一封公開信。演說想傳達的主要訊息是關於國家 團結的必要和重要性。他同時也談到美國憲法以及一個共和國人民該做的事。雖然華盛頓當時領導的是一個新政府,但他和他的美國同胞在遇到困境時卻沒有被擊 倒,反而設定了更遠大的目標。


◎set up...
例:The committee was set up to improve the company's image.(委員會的成立是為了要提升我們公司的形象。)
n. 道德規範/原則(恆用複數)
例:Don't hang out with Chris. He's a man of loose morals.(不要和克里斯混在一起。他是個沒有道德操守的人。)
a. 有影響力的
例:Derek is an influential man. The products he endorses always become best-sellers.(德瑞克是個很有影響力的人。他代言的產品一定大賣。)
◎stand on one’s own
a. 告別的 & n. 告別

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