"Father" of 55 children arrested in suspected benefits scam55名孩子的「爸爸」因涉嫌津貼詐欺而被捕

A Paris man who registered 55 children by 55 different mothers faces up to 10 years in jail and fines for suspected paternity fraud and for helping to obtain residency under false pretences, police said.
The 54 year-old of African origin was arrested in his two-room flat in Paris during a police raid which yielded documents showing more than 50 people were registered as living at that address.
Police suspect the man was involved in a social benefits scam which could have been costing the state over 1 million euros annually in claims by the mothers. "At the moment 42 women have been identified and each claim that the man is the biological father of their child," Paris police said in a statement.
For a fee of 150 to 200 euros, he registered the children and their mothers with French authorities, enabling them to obtain residency permits and claim social benefits.
Some of the mothers told authorities they had received up to about 7,500 euros on various monthly allowances. "Investigations are on-going and an investigating magistrate will decide whether DNA tests have to be administered to determine the children’s paternity," a police spokesman said.
false pretences︰虛假陳述、虛偽藉口。例句︰He obtained money under (on, by) false pretences.(他詐欺取財。)
on-going︰形容詞,進行中的、不間斷的、繼續存在的。例句︰The government faces an on-going rate of 4 to 8 percent unemployment.(政府面臨以4至8%不斷攀升的失業率。)
administer︰動詞,執行、施行。例如︰administer laws(執行法律)、administer justice(執行審判)。

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