This Day in History September 16

Although we know it is just an illusion, there is still something amazing and entertaining about magic. On this date in 1956, one of the world's most famous illusionists, David Copperfield, was born in New Jersey. Copperfield started performing magic at the age of 10, and when he turned 14, he became the youngest member admitted into the Society of American Magicians. His career grew quickly. Copperfield combined his love of theater with his magic act to present exciting and entertaining shows. Today, Copperfield holds 11 Guinness world records, including the largest illusion ever staged.

歷史上的今天 9月16日…

雖 然我們都知道這只是幻象,但魔術還是有它令人驚奇和好玩的地方。1956年的今日,世上其中一位最有名的魔術師大衛.考柏菲在紐澤西誕生。考柏菲在10歲 時就開始表演魔術,當他14歲時,就受到美國魔術師協會的認可,成為最年輕的會員。他的魔術生涯迅速發展。考柏菲在魔術中將他喜愛的戲劇與魔術表演結合, 呈現出刺激又娛樂性十足的表演。現在考柏菲擁有11項金氏世界紀錄,包括最大型的舞台魔術表演。


大衛.考柏菲(圖,資料照片)知名的魔術表演包括使自由女神像消失 (vanishing the Statue of Liberty)、穿越萬里長城、雷射幻術(laser illusion)、死亡鋸和漂浮秀(flying illusion)等。1982年大衛創辦「魔術計劃」(Project Magic),主要是透過魔術花招幫助一些有殘缺的病人康復或恢復他們的技能。他是第一位在好萊塢星光大道留名的在世魔術師。倫敦的杜莎夫人蠟像館 (Madame Tussauds)也製造了大衛.考柏菲的蠟像(wax figure)。


n. 假象,幻覺
例:Kevin's tricks were only illusions.(凱文的魔術把戲只是幻覺罷了。)
a. 有趣的;有娛樂效果的
例:The program was not as entertaining as I expected.(這節目沒有我預期的那麼有趣。)
n. 協會,公會
◎combine A with B
結合 A 與 B
例:The chef combined mayonnaise with mustard to create a special sauce.(那位主廚把美乃滋和芥末加在一起,調配出特殊的醬料。)
vt. 上演;呈現
例:The students presented Cinderella as their play for drama class.(這些學生在戲劇課時上演《灰姑娘》的劇碼。)
vt. 把……搬上舞台;演出
例:Hamlet will be staged at the theater in the park for three months.

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