This Day in History September 26

What would William Shakespeare think if he found out that one of his greatest love stories had been turned into a musical? He might actually be impressed. Based on Romeo and Juliet, the American musical West Side Story opened in New York City on this date in 1957. Its plot is centered on two rival teenage gangs. Just as with the Montagues and Capulets, the feud between the Sharks and the Jets escalates when a romance blooms between a boy and a girl from the two opposing sides. West Side Story's creation marked a turning point for musicals because it used sophisticated music and elaborate dance scenes to bring attention to a dark social problem.

史上的今天 9月26日…



n. 音樂劇,歌舞劇
例:Gina's financial problems escalated after she lost her job.(吉娜的財務問題在她失業後更加惡化。)
a. 敵對的;對立的
例:Ethan and Frank have opposing views on the matter.(伊森和法蘭克對那件事的意見相左。)
a. 精緻的;複雜的
a. 精心製作的;詳盡的

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