This Day in History September 5… 歷史上的今天 9月5日

The Olympic Games are meant to bring the world together. However, some have seen them as an opportunity to do harm. During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September took 11 Israeli team members hostage. They demanded that the 234 prisoners in Israel and two in Germany be released and given safe passage to Egypt. Israel refused and said they would not negotiate with terrorists. Local authorities tried to rescue the hostages, but they were only successful in killing a few of the terrorists. Sadly, in the end, all 11 hostages were killed and Olympic security would never be the same.
奧運的本意是要把全世界凝聚在一起。然而有些人卻視其為為非作歹的大好機會。1972年在德國慕 尼黑的夏季奧運會上,一群稱作「黑色九月」的巴基斯坦恐怖組織挾持了11名以色列運動隊員作為人質。他們要求釋放234名在以色列以及兩名在德國的囚犯, 並且要提供到埃及的安全通行。以色列拒絕這些要求,表示不會跟恐怖份子談判。當地政府試圖搶救這些人質,但只成功射殺幾名恐怖份子。不幸的是,最後11名 人質全都身亡,而奧運的安檢也因此有所改變。


◎be meant to V
例:This book is meant to help readers understand the stock market.
◎take/hold sb hostage
例:The crazed man took five people in his office hostage after he was fired.
例:The police said they would by no means negotiate with the kidnappers.
n. 當局,官方(恆為複數)
例:The authorities concerned should take immediate action to deal with the problem.

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