Afghan stowaway found inside Sandhurst 阿富汗偷渡客被發現藏身軍校

An illegal immigrant from Afghanistan was found inside Sandhurst military academy after stowing away on an Army coach.


The stowaway was found in a stairwell of the coach after it passed through the gates of Sandhurst, reports The Sun.


The head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, was reportedly "incandescent" at the incident.


The coach was carrying a number of officers and other personnel but was driven by a civilian contractor, the MoD said.


An MoD spokesman said:"Security officers in all Army establishments have been informed and reminded of security procedures to reduce the risk of a further incident of this nature."


The man, who The Sun said was 20 but who claimed to be only 16, was handed over to officials from the UK Border Agency.



stow away:片語,無票偷乘、偷渡。例句:He stowed away on a British ship with the help of a passenger.(他在一名乘客的協助下,偷乘一艘英國船逃離。)

incandescent:形容詞,白熱的、發白熱光的、熾熱的。be incandescent with rage指大發雷霆。

remind of:片語,提醒。例句:I remind him of his promise.(我提醒他許下的諾言。)

hand over:片語,交出、移交。例句:The thief was handed over to the police.(小偷被移交給警方。)

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