Russia gays to take mayor to court over "queer" jibe



Russia gays to take mayor to court over "queer" jibe


Gay rights activists in Moscow plan to take the city’s rampantly homophobic mayor to court for insulting their dignity during an interview in which he said "queers" undermined a morally healthy society.


A Moscow court rejected a previous case made by gay rights campaigners against 72-year-old mayor Yuri Luzhkov in 2007 after he described their marches as "satanic" and banned one.


Prominent gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev said on Wednesday that lawyers would present a new case against Luzhkov to a Moscow court this week and later to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


"Nobody in Russia can win against the authorities. This is about raising awareness," he told Reuters by telephone.


Besides banning several gay parades in Moscow, Luzhkov has also blamed homosexuals for the spread of HIV/AIDS.



take ~ to court:片語,對某人提出告訴。例句:Pigeon lovers are set to take London Mayor to court.(愛鴿人士準備對倫敦市長提出告訴。)

queer: 名詞,怪人,或(尤指男性)同性戀者,但有輕蔑意味。亦被譯為「酷兒」。例句:It is an unfortunate fact that queer teens do sometimes face violence from family, friends, or classmates.(有同性戀傾向的少年男女確實有時候會面臨來自家人、朋友或同學的暴力,這是不幸的事實。)

win against:片語,打贏、戰勝。例句:It will take a major effort mentally for them to win against the rebels.(他們要做好心理建設,才能打贏叛軍。)

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