Police nab Germany’s most wanted criminal 警方逮到德國頭號通緝犯


Germany’s most wanted criminal has been captured outside a pub in Hamburg’s redlight district ending a nine-year manhunt, police said on Friday.


Thomas Wolf, 56, a talented linguist who eluded police with multiple aliases, told investigators after his arrest late on Thursday that he expected them to nab him sooner or later.


Wolf, who had been on the run since 2000 after fleeing while serving a prison sentence for bank robbery, has remained silent about the whereabouts of a 1.8 million euros ransom he extorted from a kidnapping this year, police said.


He also stole hundreds of thousands of euros in bank robberies across northern Europe while on the run, they said.


"It all ended very fast. He appeared to be baffled and had no chance of resisting arrest," a Hamburg police spokesman told ARD television.


Federal police investigator Joern Blicke said Wolf had been under observation in Hamburg for several days after authorities got a tip-off.



sooner or later:片語,遲早、終歸。例句:The child will get back sooner or later.(這個孩子遲早會回來的。)

on the run:片語,(遭通緝的)逃亡。例句:The killer is still on the run.(凶手仍在逃。)

tip-off:名詞,線報、密告。例句:The reporter received a tip-off from a reliable source.(這名記者從可靠人士取得消息。)

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