Malaysia to blow the whistle on litterbugs 馬來西亞將吹哨制止亂丟垃圾者


After flyers failed to stop litterbugs, the frustrated mayor of a Malaysian town told his officials to blow the whistle on offenders — literally.


Khazali Din, mayor of the northern Alor Star city, said that those who throw garbage on the streets will be greeted with a sharp whistle blown by patrolling city officials, and a fine of up to 300 ringgit.


"I’ve been trying so many methods, but they failed. I think this is the best way because people will feel shy or embarrassed when they are caught red-handed," he said.


The whistle offensive started recently, but Khazali said his officers are not yet adept at pouncing on offenders, so no one has been caught yet.


The litter monitors must learn to act "on the spot, on the dot," he said, adding that the city will give the whistle campaign until at least the end of the year to show results.


Some offenders may be let off with a warning, without having to face the full music, he said.



blow the whistle:俚語,指告發、通知、揭發以期阻止壞事或非法行為,如 an attorney who blew the whistle on governmental corruption.(一位揭發政府貪腐內幕的檢察官),whistle-blower則指告發者,如The government pledges to protect whistle–blowers who fear reprisals.(政府承諾會保護擔心遭報復的告密者。)


on the dot:準時地,如The plane landed at two o’clock on the dot.(飛機準時在兩點整降落。)

face the music:指面對困難,或接受應得的懲罰,如When the missing money was noticed, he chose to disappear rather than face the music.(當有人注意到錢不翼而飛時,他寧可選擇失蹤也不願接受懲罰。)

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