Spurned wife burned down family home 被甩人妻燒光住家房子

◎ 管淑平

A spurned wife who set fire to her family home so her cheating husband would get nothing in a divorce has walked free from court.


Deborah Jackson, 45, burned the couple’s £210,000 house to the ground after finding out husband Kurt, 38, was having an affair.


The fire cost the couple £110,000 and left them penniless, according to Leicester Crown Court documents.


Recorder Nicholas Syfret said: ’Confronted with clear evidence of her husband’s infidelity, she took revenge on him by setting fire to the house from which she would have otherwise have benefited,’ ’She’s effectively punished herself by what she’s done.’


The court heard Jackson was due to make £50,000 from the sale of the family home, after the couple agreed to divorce after 18 years of marriage.


Husband Kurt, whose two-year affair led to the divorce, was entitled to just £35,000 after loans and mortgage repayments had been paid back.


After her arrest, Jackson admitted arson and told police: ’I didn’t want him to get a penny.’



spurn:動詞,很藐視地拒絕、摒棄。例句:She spurned his proposal to her.(她不屑的拒絕了他的求婚。)

burn to the ground: 動詞片語,燒得精光。例句:The fire spreaded quickly and burned his house to the ground in just half hour.(火勢蔓延迅速,半小時就把他的房子燒光。)

entitled to:形容詞片語,有資格的、應該得到的。例句:He’s entitled to this award.(這座獎是他該得的。)

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